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Prepare to Live will be on temporary hiatus while we look for a new Executive Director,
put the finishing touches on Buddy Search and redesign the site.

Thank you for being a part of this community for so many great years. Please check out the resources below to stay informed and maintain valuable relationships.

1.) Imerman Angels through LIVESTRONG Cancer Navigation Services will match you with a survivor going through a similar cancer experience.

2.) Critical Mass’ Mission Control offers a listing of AYA cancer programs, services and resources in your area.

3.) Stupid Cancer provides a free Instapeer app that allows you to connect with other survivors and find programs and meetups in your town.

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Prepare to Live is the first and only non-profit, charitable organization founded and managed by cancer survivors dedicated to using the power of the web and film to build a Young Adult cancer community.
Since 2001 Prepare to Live has been a reliable source of Help, Hope, Information and Inspiration™ for Young Adult patients, survivors and caregivers coping with cancer worldwide.

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    the power of communityTHE STRENGTH OF COMMUNITY
    You are not alone! Join Prepare to Live and learn from other Young Adult patients, survivors and caregivers in our Patient Profiles. You can also meet and exchange stories, tips, tricks and advice with other people similar to you by using our Buddy Search feature. And while you're here, please take a moment to share your story for the benefit of others.

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    the power of filmTHE POWER OF FILM
    Prepare to Live's documentary style films introduce viewers to real life role models who share their personal experiences, explain what to expect and provide unique insights and guidance for dealing with, and perhaps even defeating, cancer. And while the films may be entertaining, their true purpose is to serve as an invaluable medical resource that will improve, inspire, and save people's lives.

    The first film currently in production, features five people with five different types of cancer in five different stages of dealing with it, from a 29-year old diagnosed with leukemia less then one year ago, to a person diagnosed with 6 months to live at age 19 - in 1978. Watch the trailer online now.

    tools for survivalTOOLS FOR SURVIVAL
    Count on Prepare to Live for the latest cancer related news articles, a monthly Quigley's Corner column, as well as a consistently updated, P2L approved directory of web links. You can also review, recommend and purchase cancer and health related books from our new Amazon Bookshop. A portion (4%) of all sales helps support P2L so buy all your books here and support our organization.

    Our website is always evolving with more functionality and improvements to come including forums, blogs, events, and new items in our online shop. Please check back often for the latest news and updates.

    In the meantime, we invite you to have a look around and tell us what you think. If you would like to volunteer time, skills or capital to help develop the organization, this site, or a film, please let us know.

    And finally, make sure to join if you would like to be contacted about future Prepare to Live updates and film news.

    Director's Note: Prepare to Live is in no way affiliated with, owned by, or a subsidiary of The Hartford Insurance.

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