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100 PercentThank you for your interest in Prepare to Live.

Prepare to Live is the only non-profit, charitable organization founded and managed by cancer survivors, dedicated to using the power of the web and documentary-style filmmaking to provide Help, Hope, Information and Inspiration™ specifically to Young Adults coping with cancer worldwide.

Young Adults with cancer often encounter a unique set of issues and challenges:

  • They generally feel isolated and alone, or "too young" to have cancer.
  • They are typically just starting careers or families, often in a city that is not their home.
  • Their peers are unlikely to understand cancer, let alone know how to behave or support someone who has it.
  • Financially they usually can't afford not to work, and may not have sufficient health insurance.
  • And perhaps most importantly, cancer forces many Young Adults to prematurely face their own mortality.

Children diagnosed with cancer have many resources available to them. Entire hospitals are dedicated to their treatment, they benefit from the majority of financial aid, research funds and foundations such as Make-a-Wish® and Ronald McDonald House® and, of course, they typically have supportive parents to carefully manage their care.

Like children, older people are more likely to have numerous resources: family nearby, a pre-existing support network via social, professional or community connections, health insurance or Medicare, a better understanding of cancer and, perhaps, some financial security.

Young Adults have Prepare to Live.

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89.7FM Radio Interview with P2L Founder, Eran Thomson

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