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Sponsorship in all forms (services, products, space or capital) is an amazing way to touch lives and reach consumers in a meaningful way. And in an increasingly fragmented marketplace consumers are getting harder to reach. The more positive and intrinsically rewarding ways people can interact with your brand, outside of traditional advertising, the better.

We understand there are literally hundreds of cancer organizations in the world today that would love your money, here's why you should lend your support to us:

We are Truly Unique. Prepare to Live is the first and only non-profit, charitable organization founded and managed by cancer survivors, to use the power of the web and documentary-style filmmaking to specifically help Young Adults coping with cancer worldwide.

We Help Eight Times as Many People. We never have, and never will, use heartbreaking pictures of bald children to guilt people into giving us money. The reality is eight times more Young Adults aged 20-40 are diagnosed with cancer than children. That’s why we’re here. And that’s eight times as many people you could help.

We Fill an Urgent Need. Young Adults coping with cancer are desperate for a community to call their own. The number of daily hits on this site prove it. With your help we can reach more and offer them more.

We're Not Mass Market. Instead, we are offering only a limited number of major corporate sponsorships. We are currently selectively accepting key sponsors within different industry categories who we feel are well positioned with the goals of Prepare to Live and share the same humanitarian vision.

We're Experts. Prepare to Live was founded by cancer survivors with advertising and marketing backgrounds experienced in building and promoting successful brands. This experience will be critical to making Prepare to Live a successful operation for Young Adults living with cancer and for it's sponsors as well.

We Make Films. Our most visible element are the Prepare to Live films. These films will be produced with quality and professionalism because the people making them are award winning professionals. For our sponsors, every film has the potential to become a non-traditional form of advertisement linked with an extremely powerful cause.

We're Positive and Optimistic. Prepare to Live is a multimedia experience offering real help, hope, information and inspiration. Corporate sponsors will have the opportunity to associate themselves with our positive message and become a visible part of a team dedicated to defeating and successfully dealing with cancer.

We're Global. Prepare to Live is a global organization. As Prepare to Live gains global popularity, so too will it's corporate sponsors. For example, we currently have representatives in Australia and the United States and plan to place representatives in Europe who will be promoting the Prepare to Live experience and the commitment of it's corporate sponsors.

We are currently developing a Sponsor Menu listing and explaining the various levels of sponsorship. This will include a standard benefits package, as well items such as; logos featured on this website with links, ad pages in launch event programs, mentions/logos in films, PR kits, etc.

In the meantime, if you are interested in becoming a sponsor of Prepare to Live, please contact our Director of Sponsorship.


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