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New York Times RESEARCH (Aug. 2009)
Lack of Study Volunteers Hobbles Cancer Fight Link

New York Times RESEARCH (June. 2009)
Grant System Leads Cancer Researchers to Play It Safe Link

New York Times (June. 2009)
At V.A. Hospital, a Rogue Cancer Unit Link

The Indepenent (June 2009)
Cancer: Shock Breakthrough Link

New York Times SCIENCE (June. 2009)
New Cancer Treatment Shows Promise in Testing Link

Science Daily (June 2009)
New Method For Breast Cancer Biomarker Discovery Link

BBC News (Jan. 2009)
Tadpoles May Hold cancer Clue Link

New York Times SCIENCE (Apr. 2008)
If You Lived There, Would You Be Dead Now? Link

New York Times WELL (Nov. 2008)
News Keeps Getting Worse for Vitamins: Link

WIRED (May 2009)
To Survive Cancer, Live With It: Link

LA Times (March 2009)
When Early Screening Carries Risks: Link

New York Times (Nov. 25, 2008)
Study Suggests Some Cancers May Go Away:

New York Times (Nov. 5, 2008)
Scientists Decode Set of Cancer Genes: Link

New York Times (July 6, 2008)
Costly Cancer Drug Offers Hope, but Also a Dilemma: Link

New York Times (June 17, 2008)
Cancer as a Disease, Not a Death Sentence:

Wired (April 2008)
Cancer Therapy Without Side Effects Nearing Tria: Link

60 Minutes (April 2008)
The Kanzius Machine: A Cancer Cure?

Sydney Morning Herald
Fat, Chance and Cancer Link

For The Holy Grail Link

BBC News (March 2008)
Writing Eases Stress of Cancer Link

The New York Times (March 2008)
Frequently Missed Growths Tied to Colon Cancer

The New York Times (March 2008)
Slight Cancer Risk Remains After Hormone Therapy Stops, Study Suggests


The New York Times (Dec. 2007)
Scientists Weigh Stem Cells’ Role as Cancer Cause


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