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You are not alone.

In October 2008 we will announce the beta launch of our long awaited Buddy Search tool on this site. This has been nearly 7 years in the making due to our limited funding, but it is also the single most requested (and pre-registered for) feature by our members and visitors.

Buddy Search will be similar to an online dating tool and instantly match patients, survivors and caregivers with one another to share life saving information based on disease type, age, interests, education, geographic location and more.

With this tool people coping with cancer will be able to immediately establish a dialogue with peers who are experiencing or have experience exactly what they’re going through…instant access to real world answers from people who’ve been there and an immediate reassurance that you are not alone.

By volunteering as a Buddy you have the opportunity not only to support other patients and caregivers, but receive support as well. You can choose to communicate in a number of ways depending on your level of comfort, including via email, online, telephone, or in person.

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