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Perhaps the most exciting component of Prepare to Live is our feature length film series with "Prepare to Live," films specifically for patients and survivors – and "Prepare to Care" films for caregivers.

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Few things are more valuable than receiving firsthand information from peers who have been through a similar experience. And only a person who has had, or is living with, cancer is truly able to talk at length about what it takes to cope with treatment, trauma and survival. In each of the Prepare to Live films, viewers will get to meet extraordinary role models who have beaten or dealt with cancer in exceptional ways.

However, no recovery from cancer is a solo effort and therefore, each film will also include segments featuring the individual cast member's doctors, nurses, friends, family and caregivers including non-profit service providers, sharing their own perspective and providing tips for educating one's self, staying positive and fighting.

The goal is to produce 2 films every 2-3 years (one for patients – "Prepare to Live," the other for caregivers – "Prepare to Care." This way we continually broaden the range of cast personalities, demographics and background for viewers to relate to, as well as ensure any medical treatments, trials and technologies mentioned in them are reasonably up-to-date.

The first film (for patients), already in production, features five people with five different types of cancer in five different stages of dealing with it, from a 29-year old diagnosed with leukemia less then one year ago, to a person diagnosed with sarcoma at age 19 in 1978.

Prepare to Live plans to distribute these films through doctor's offices, support networks and hospitals as well as, make them available on DVD or for download from this website. These films will be produced and paid for by sponsors, donations, etc. and each film will be an invaluable tool designed to give specific information to newly diagnosed people when they need it most.

Created by a team of producers whose personal experiences have given them insight into a real need, this series aims to provide newly diagnosed Young Adult cancer patients with help and hope when they need it most.

And perhaps more importantly, it will introduce patients to real life role models who through sharing their own personal experiences can help them know what to expect and provide unique insights and guidance for dealing with, and perhaps even defeating, cancer.

The advice and inspiration don't end when the film does. A unique feature of all the Prepare to Live films will be the opportunity for viewers to establish an ongoing dialogue with the cast by email or by linking to forums on our website

Each life touched by cancer is unique and so are the ways in which people cope with the experience at different stages in their lives. Prepare to Live recognizes this and specifically designs each of its films for newly diagnosed patients, rather than a general audience. Our films will make people feel less isolated and lonely, helping them to realize that other people have traveled a similar road and, in many cases, have overcome its challenges.

Stories of exceptional human achievement may be the stuff of Hollywood, but the heroism in these films is real, and while they may be entertaining, their true purpose is to serve as an invaluable medical resource that will improve, inspire, and save people's lives.


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