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We are continually striving to improve our resource section and sincerely hope patients, survivors and caregivers alike find something useful in this section.

It is a never ending work in progress, so please check back often, or better yet, Join Join Join Prepare to Live and receive free email notifications of updates and additions to the site.

You'll notice we've included a link on every page in the Resources section to what we think is the best Medical Dictionary online. Because dealing with cancer is hard enough without medical terminology getting in the way.

We are also continually developing our Patient Profiles and Films sections. Please let us know if you'd like to share your story or be in a film.

This section of the site will improve with additional funding, including an entire section dedicated to Caregiver Resources. For more information on future resources, select In Progress in the pull down menu. To make a donation simply click the link on the right.

As always, your suggestions and comments on how we can improve are welcome.

Thanks for your support.

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