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Erin Zammett is a Young Adult cancer survivor, friend of Prepare to Live and Accociate Editor for Glamour magazine where she also writes her award-winning Life with Cancer column. We are proud to present her first book, My (So-Called) Normal Life, to you here.

The Art of Happiness is simply a must-read, we think of it as a text book for life - for anyone and everyone. Highly recommended.

A New Earth by Eckharte Tolle, is another life changing read. Much easier to read and better written (edited) than his best-selling Power of Now. Highly recommended.

The Art of Living features the teachings and discourses of S.N. Goenka, world reknowned advocate of the Vipassana meditation technique that is taught free of charge worldwide. For more information about Vipassana check out: Recommended.

Although a bit scientific, Beating Cancer with Nutrition is an excellent book for understanding different foods and their effect on our bodies. It also has a great recipe section. The downside, I never wanted to eat processed sugars after reading the book. Watch out ladies, your chocolate/ice cream movie nights are out the window.

The Optimum Nutrition Bible a great book for understanding proper nutrition and it's benefits for preventing diseases. Although it's not specific to cancer, it's still a great help in getting healthy by focusing on your diet.

The Juice Lady's Guide to Juicing for Health If you haven't found juicing, you might want to start now! It's a wonderful way to boost your immune system, help with your energy level and in general, making you healthy. The book is a great way to learn how to make wonderful (and not so wonderful, but very beneficial) juices to achieve a healthy being.

The original inspiration for Cancer in Young Adults was a man who died at the age of 23. During his illness his parents tried without success to access information on issues that make life-threatening illness during young adulthood particularly difficult to manage. They could find no literature relating specifically to this problem and so they set up a research project to help other families facing these issues. This book is the outcome of that research and is designed to be of practical assistance both to parents and to health professionals involved with the care of young adults with cancer.

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Understanding Leukemias, Lymphomas and Myelomas is an invaluable text for everyone involved with these conditions, from specialists in training to interested patients. Using straightforward terminology and extensive color figures to describe and illustrate the current procedures involved in diagnosis and treatment, this is a ready source of up to date information on these common conditions.

Managing Cancer Fatigue is a pocket-sized handbook that provides a step-by-step approach for managing fatigue in patients with cancer. Discusses the types of fatigue, cultural differences in fatigue, and the interaction of other symptoms with fatigue. Written for Nurses, but with good info for all.

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MEMBER SUGGESTIONS: (Click to Suggest a Book!)

Molecules of Emotion suggested by Colt: My Mom actually told me bout this book and it's pretty cool. All about how the mind and body are really connected and affect each other. Great for understanding how to use your mind to beat disease.

It's Not About the Bike suggested by Sheldon: When I was diagnosed I kept asking myself isn't there anyone my age besides Lance f---ing Armstrong who beat cancer? I got sick of hearing about him all the time...what about "real" people? But you have to hand it to the man, he's pretty amazing and inspirational, and his book is good...still, I'm glad to find P2L and people my age who aren't superhero athletes that have beaten cancer.

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